Impress Digital Studio began in 1996 - with a young, creative designer working out of a tiny office in his house in Vadodara. Impress Digital Studio specializing in wedding photography, portraits; as well as fashion, modeling, family portraits, baby photography, maternity photography and landscape photography. It also covering all the engagement, weddings, pre wedding photography, post wedding photography, and destination weddings. We're full-time wedding photographers offering fine art custom wedding photography packages. Images are intimate, emotional, and personal.




















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Getting engaged! Congratulations on your special event of life. Now the real fun begins: planning your wedding and settling in on all the little details. The dresses. The flowers. The cake. The food. The wedding photographer. The list goes on and on. While you may not have it all figured out right now, everything's going to come together perfectly. And you can be certain of that when you choose IMPRESS DIGITAL STUDIO to photograph your engagement and wedding.


  • Our meticulous post-processing. We spend a tremendous amount of time reviewing, retouching, colour correcting, and highlighting the beautiful details of each and every photograph. And we don't just process the photographs you agree to buy. We deliver all of the useable photographs from your day to you.
  • Our styles differ, they completely compliment the other. This adds an interesting, unique and creative perspective to your wedding photography, and ultimately results in better quality photos and a more holistic approach to your wedding photographs and ultimately, your album.
  • Many studios have figureheads that book your contract then farm out your event to a photographer you've never met, let alone confirm the quality of their work. When you meet with us, you meet your photographers. Along with their unique styles, perspectives, and personalities.
  • We are boutique-like and we do all the work ourselves. The consultations. The photography. The back-ups. The post-processing. The albums. We love, love, love what we do, and we want to be sure our influence comes across in all parts, from start to finish.
  • We deliver our photos fast. Even for our most detailed, time-intensive wedding packages, we get your photos back to you in a maximum of 4 weeks. Typically in just 2-3 weeks. Quality never suffers. We just don't see our friends as much during wedding season. We're just as excited to see your photos as you are, and work tirelessly to reap the rewards.


  • Photography, especially wedding photography, is a labour of love. Not only do you have to love what you do, you have to have a passion for people. This isn't something a wedding photographer can learn. You either have it, or you don't.
  • At IMPRESS DIGITAL STUDIO , we've built our lives, and our business, around wedding photography, and our many accolades go to show our love, passion, and commitment to our work and our clients. After our detailed, initial consultation, we stay involved and engaged. We check in with you from time to time to see how your plans are coming along, and make whatever adjustments necessary on our end to accommodate your needs. We look for opportunities to assist you - whether it's pertinent to your wedding photography or not. We have solid relationships with all sorts of people in the wedding industry, and are happy to call on them in a moment's notice for you.
  • On the eve of your wedding day, while you're preparing, rehearsing, reviewing . . . so are we. We're checking our gear and backups. Charging batteries, clearing memory cards, testing and packing our flashes and studio lights, and we're talking. Always talking. Ideas. Perspectives. Angles. Locations. Backup plans. We're just as detail-oriented and passionate about your day as you are.
  • The day of your wedding, we scout locations about an hour before anyone expects us to arrive, getting a 'day-of' feel for your location, lighting, decor and other details, so that we're ready to meet you and start the day on schedule.
  • We photograph, non-stop, in the most unobtrusive way possible, capturing the most spontaneous, defining moments of your day.
  • We are in the moment with you, all-day long. We photograph from different perspectives, points of view. We always photograph together and the photos that we take are created from both a female and a male vantage point. We tell your entire story in a lovely, impactful, gender-neutral way, so that what we deliver is something everyone will love.
  • After we depart your wedding, we return to our studio, back up all of your photos, and then back up the back-ups. Only then is our day over.
  • We turn all of your photos over to you, and touch base with you so that we can begin the work on your album.
  • We ensure every product that may have been a part of your package or that you ordered is delivered to you. As far as we're concerned, our relationship with you never ends. After all, we'll likely spend more time with you on your wedding day than your own family. We can't help but become attached to your day and our work, we want the relationship to continue...

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